It is all One Taste.

“Death is a vast mystery, but there are two things we can say about it: It is absolutely certain that we will die and it is uncertain when or how we will die.” Sogyal Rinpoche.

The links on this page are to various, usually relatively current, pieces I have written ruminating on what “it all means” and “is this all there is”. A main focus of these writings is often my own mortality and how I am addressing that in view of the fact that I am certainly an agnostic if not an atheist. I do though fully appreciate that the vast, perhaps infinite and very often mysterious Universe can be holding many secrets and perhaps even ultimate truths that my current minimalist state of personal evolution can simply not grasp or begin to appreciate. To say my own personal spiritual growth and development is a work in progress is quite the understatement.

The Spiritual path I have come to be able to best relate to is Buddhism. I am currently not involved with any community or sect but do have a half-assed practice that has been influenced and informed over the years by many teachers to whom I am truly indebted. My mother of course was my best teacher and she was very often exhorting me to “please sit still and be quiet”. That of course is a core directive of so many of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

In keeping with my personal, un-actualized but firm believe in the reality of non-duality and that the whole show is really just One Taste these writings will be far ranging addressing many aspects of my life and communities that I consider germane to the whole dance. My human mind seems evolved enough to appreciate the absolute wonder of the dance that is my current life on Earth. How best to exploit that bit of consciousness is the question at hand.

Pat Gourley
Denver, Colorado
Fall of 2011.

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