A couple of facts on tobacco use from the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association:

  • In this country 41% of gay men smoke compared to just 27% of straight men!
  • Lesbians are twice as likely to smoke as heterosexual women!
  • Gay men and lesbians have been the target of direct advertisement by the tobacco industry.

At first blush these numbers seem high, but when you stop and think about how many of us have learned to socialize in a bar scene and how common tobacco use in that setting it is probably surprising that the numbers are not higher. A drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other is not a prescription for health and well being.

Even for many HIV positive men these days their tobacco use is more of a threat to their health and survival than HIV! This is no joke; alcohol and tobacco are real health issues for the HIV population in these days of effective HIV treatment.

Nicotine is an amazingly addictive substance and kicking the habit is not easy. A true community service would be to encourage our young brothers and sisters to never start.

If this monkey is on your back get help now to stop:

Q-City Tip: Tobacco use is not good for a hard dick! In fact tobacco is a significant contributor to impotence! Not only does the Marlboro man have emphysema and an oxygen tank on the back of his saddle, he can’t get it up!

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